Which Hangers are Best for You?

Cedar Hangers

    • High quality American cedar.
    • Protect your Closets and Storage Spaces by Absorbing Odors and Moisture, Repelling Moths and Other Insects while Providing a Wonderful Cedar Scent.
    • Includes Strong Flat Bar. These Hangers are Very Well Made and Expected to Last Years. Strong hold with twistable hook.
    • Super Heavy Duty Hangers with Very Wide Shoulders. Get that Extra Shoulder Supports

    Heavy Duty & Super Heavy Duty Hangers

    • American Made hangers that are built to last and won't break the bank.
    • Come in multiple colors and pack sizes.
    • Water resistant and full tubes instead of hollow foreign made hangers.
    • Smooth edges that won't snag and rip your clothes.

    Standard Hangers

    • American made hangers with bar hooks and strong non hollow tubes, these hangers are made to last a long time and stay affordable.
    • Available in packs of 15, 30, 45 and 60. Available in Black and White.
    • Neaties Plastic Hangers are Proudly Molded and Made in the USA Using Lightweight Heavy-Duty Grade “A” Plastic.
    • This the industry standard for hangers has been upgraded with the Neaties Bar Hooks model. We have taken the quality and expanded it without expanding the price.