Hangers for Wet Clothes

Use Plastic Neaties Hangers to Hang Your Wet Clothes

Heavy Duty Hangers

Neaties American made high quality hangers are safe to use for wet clothes and heavy duty jackets. Use these hangers after taking them out of the laundry and they will air dry and not wrinkle.

Neaties Bar Hook Hangers

Our Neaties hangers are made with reinforced bars that make them stronger than other standard foreign hangers. These hangers would be perfect for dress shirts and other every day clothing that doesnt need to be run through the dryer. Hang them on the Neaties hangers and hang back in the closet when dry. 

Neaties Super Heavy Duty

Neaties Super Heavy Duty hangers have all the benefits of the Heavy Duty hangers with added strength and colors. These hangers are perfect for all your hanging needs, feel free to hang anything from heavy table-clothes to shirts and pants. These hangers are guaranteed to hold anything.